South Portland Fourth of July Parade (Case #017)

The Film

Kodak Gold 800. Not a lot of colour fading. The film isn’t anymore than 15 years old by this estimate alone.

The Camera

Unknown. Likely a point and shoot camera.

The Photos





Looks like a 4th of July parade.







The coolest dog i’ve ever seen!













After googling the sign, I learned these photos were taken in South Portland, Maine



md140827019 md140827020


Maine license plate





Images look 10 to 15 years old. The quality of the film has not faded than much. Images were taken in South Portland Maine on the Fourth of July.


A Cruise Around Portland (Case # 015)

Thanks to a Reddit user for pointing out this is Portland, MAINE and that the photos may be less than a year old based on public art.


The Film

1 Roll of Kodak TMAX 100 black & white film with almost a full set of photos (32).

The Camera

Camera is unknown

The Photos


The very first image looks like a selfie, except it’s an odd angle to be able to hold the camera. From this image though, it looks like they’re in a thrift store, and the next few images look like outside of the store. I think it’d be funny if they bought the camera then started taking pictures right away, but that’s conjecture at best.

Just by the fancy handheld massage device behind him you can guess it’s after 2000.






I can relate to this photographer’s love for architecture. They seem to have an affinity to brick, metal, and rust like I do.






A business woman stands on the street with a cellphone in hand. Several clues as to where and when this was shot are in this single photo. She has a cell phone, so we can guess it’s after 2000 by its size. There are also several signs visible. A speed limit of 30 miles and a United States Postal Box narrow this down to America. I can also see a sign that says “snow hauling” so I can probably figure this isn’t the deep south. Also, Pearl Street is visible.



This next revealing photo shows we’re on the coast! The ship in view is the Carnival Glory. This ship was completed in 2003. It’s permanent dry dock as of 2009 is Miami. Because we saw the snow route I’m guessing this isn’t Miami. With that we’ve narrowed the date to in between those times.




In the right hand corner you can see a sign says: The African Center for Sacred Arts” and a quick Google search reveals this shop is located in Portland, Oregon!

A theater sign reads “October 25″


Old street lamps are awesome!








Sometimes I get the impression he’s on a photo walk. You can see he’s sometimes with one or two others and in one of these shots of the market, you can see another photographer.


Legalize Marijuana papers on the table with what looks like a signature sheet on a clip board. These photos are probably taken closer to 2009 than 2003.








The photographer ends the roll with some architecture shots. There aren’t bad either!


The photographer, assuming it’s the gentleman in the first photo, is a male in his early to mid 30’s. He could be local, but I get the tourist impression from these downtown photos capturing the architecture and the locals.

I’m 90% sure these were shot in Portland, Oregon between 2003 and 2009. Likely closer to 2009 based on cell phones, the cruise ship’s history, and the petition papers.



A Black & White Event at Roy Rogers (Case #014)


The Camera


The Film

A single roll of Kodak Plus-X 125 35mm film

The Images

This looks like a simple family gathering at Roy Roger’s Restaurant in the mid 1990’s. My guess on the date is based on the clothing of the times, and the fact that they’re in a smoking section.

It’s hard to tell who’s the camera owner, because the camera is passed around to at least three people.


Amazing Grace Senior High at Wanakee United Methodist Center (Case #011)

The Film

One roll of Fujicolor 400 film purchased online.

The Camera

Unknown, but it date stamped the photos.

The Images

Lots of real obvious clues on this roll of film, almost all of the W5 are answered.

These were shot at the United Methodist Center in Meredith, New Hampshire, and it looks like the majority of the people in the photos are graduates of Amazing Grace Senior High.

Most photos were taken on July 10, 2009. It makes this probably my most recent roll. I can confirm the date with other clues, such as the banners also displaying ’09

Some names are visible: Peter W.,  Abby L., Abby M., Jeremy Korth, Rebecca Jacobson, Michelle Aryiku, Andy Lee, Kyle B. James D. Jenna, Kaylon, Dawn, Kristy, Mandy, Zack Hogen, Matt, Brian, etc.

I’d love to reunite the photos with the owner.



The Unknown Arizona Outdoorsman & His Bride (Case #004)


The Film
Various rolls of Kodak Gold, Fujicolor and other No Name Thrift Store types. Undeveloped in the canister and fond in an abandoned storage locker.

The Camera


The Photos

Over 500 images were developed. many seemed to be snaps while in the passenger side of the car while on the road, documenting landmarks as they approached. Below is a selection of those images.


Found Photos Backpackers in Ollantaytambo (Case #010)

Found Photos Backpackers in Ollantaytambo (Case #010)

This is the only roll of film I have come across so far that was in a thrift shop and price tagged. Normally, they’re still in the camera. This particular roll was listed at $1

The Camera
No camera found with the roll of film. Not every photo was taken at the same focal length. It’s likely to be an SLR or P&S with a zoom.

The Film
I picked this up a few years ago, so the actual location of the film negatives is buried with my personal work. It’s either Kodak or Fujifilm, and not so relevant in this case. The roll was found in Alberta Canada.

The Images
A man and a woman, potentially a couple are backpacking in Ollantaytambo, a small town and Inca archeological site in southern Peru. I know this because the photographer was smart enough to take a picture of a map. ;)

The photos are methodical, and have good composition. You can clearly see both adventurers in separate shots.

Summary and Speculation
All 36 shots were taken and the roll was found here in Alberta, not Peru, so the camera didn’t fail and the images made it back, one can assume, with the two individuals. You can also assume that these are probably not all of the photos taken during their time there, and this may not even be their only stop.


Case #008 Lost Memories of Disneyworld

Case #008: Lost memories of Disneyworld

The Film
Kodak Gold 400, quite possibly the most common colour 35mm film, ever. These negatives look quite faded.

The Images
I’ve always found date stamping on photos to be distracting and annoying. In this case however, it reveals quite a bit. Two major things actually. First, that it’s very likely the images were shot January 24, 2006, just over eight years to the day of this blog. Second, that failure of the camera started with the resetting of the date to January 1st, 1998.
Looks like a married couple and their daughter. Not too many clues in this six images, except that it’s likely they’re from Canada


Case #006 Family Day in the Rocky Mountains

The Film

First time I have come across an abandoned digital camera with an SD card still in the slot. So in this case, the “film” is a Kodak 512MB SD Card with a Digital Assurance Promise logo in the bottom left corner. These are still in stock on for $20 each.

I like that it’s Kodak :)

The Camera

Again, Kodak brand Polaroid PDC 2350 point & shoot camera with an earth shattering 2 mega pixel sensor :) It was released in 2003 and has some features that I admired for a camera of the time, such as limited shutter control, iso (even if it only went to 400), and the ability to take video (no audio). When I discovered it had an internal memory, I found another two images. When I played around with it a bit, the low battery indicator started to flash when I used zoom.

The Images

It’s a family gathering. Three settings: In the home, at a park, and in a restaurant. 2MP doesn’t give you any zooming capability if I want to see more detail. All these images show at 100% on my monitor. The meta data looks like it reset for these images as well. They are labeled january 1st, 2003…the same date I was given to enter as default when first plugging it with batteries.


Here’s what could be grandpa and granddaughter going over an old photo album. And no cell phone on the table ;)


Costco brand products in the typical cardboard basket.


You do get the impression of a visit. These two could be sisters. Their home and backyard looks very much like Canmore.


Hugging it out on the court


Another court shot, from the internal memory


A kid I don’t see in any other photo.


The last image. Battery could have died, seems to be the repeat story with many of these.

Even though we can’t figure the date, we can look at the time from the first to the last shot, in this case, three hours past. The camera was made in 2003 so it’s after that, but probably not very much, as we all know digital cameras are much more disposable than film ones ever were.