Mystery Photo from 10 Downing Street | Case #020

The Film
I found these old Kodachrome slides almost four years ago in Calgary’s Northwest in an alleyway. I couldn’t really tell if someone had dumped them or if they fell from the back of a moving truck, but they were everywhere, potentially multiple rolls worth. This was before Mysterious Developments and probably contributed to its start.

The slides sat scattered in the alley, for months, all winter when I finally stopped and picked up a few (now I wished I picked up more) and took them home. I scanned them, and restored one for practice sake and basically forgot about them until now.

The Camera
Camera is unknown, other than it’d be a 35mm.

The Photos
The images were developed shortly after they were taken, and abandoned much later. Almost all the damage and colour change you see is physical, from being run over on a gravel road, snowed on, frozen, etc.

Special thanks to Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor for helping me realize this is 10 Downing Street, aka “Number 10”, aka British HQ.

I suspect one of these woman is the photographer and someone, possibly another tourist is taking the photo. It’s a little blurry and I cannot make out what the book says, that the woman on the right is holding.


Update December 30th, 2014: Thank You Babs for clarifying this is a Swiss Guards of the Vatican, and the building is St. Peter’s Basilica.




Cars, Cats and Christmas | Case #019


The Camera
Canon Powershot A60. A point and shoot camera released in 2003. Featured a whopping 2 Megapixels and 3x Optical Zoom.

The Film
SanDisk 256MB Compact Flash Card. Again, state of the art at the time, but now a days you wont see them sold under 16GB!

The Images
If the meta data is correct, these images were taken between 2007 and 2010.

There are 103 photos taken at a car show on February 25th. I only included some creative highlights, as well as some faces. Alberta licence plates and towns clearly visible on cars and advertising. If it’s Calgary, it’s likely at the Stampede grounds.

The next day our photographer took a video of a funny Tylenol commercial off their TV screen….


There’s a few photos of what couple be the photographer’s backyard, and car taken in March 2007. Alberta licence plates are shown. The area looks distinctively NorthWest Calgary, or a town like Canmore or Banff, Alberta. If the car show images weren’t enough to tell you this individual loved cars, then take note at this spotless beauty. paint job is great, and looks newly washed even though it’s winter.

In August our unknown photographer saw fit to capture images of this rare animal….The Walkable TabbyCat!

October photos show two men and a young boy at a  kitchen table. The man in the blue and white shirt is my best guess as photographer.

There’s a smattering of photos and video taken throughout the year. A total of 23. A few nice cars, with people posing in front, and the front of what’s likely their house during Christmas. It’s a shaky image but you can tell they went all out on the festivities 😉 I’m more inclined to believe the meta data is correct, as the Christmas lights photo shows December 30th, at 9:51PM

The other thing that popped up in the 2008 collection is a short video of the unknown photographer’s TV set. An old show, Dotto Tech featuring info on an early Pentax DSLR. This gave me the impression he or she had high aspirations for their future shooting. “I want to record this so I can follow up on it later” is what it seemed to say to me. (I didn’t upload it due to its size.)

Only 12 photos this year. I’m surprised to see almost the exact same thing. Flowers, show, a shot of the TV and a photo of a Christmas decoration taken on Xmas Day. There’s a couple older guys posing outside. One could be the photographer.



Last photo, taken May 4th, 2010 at 10:29PM