3 thoughts on “30 year old photos reconnected with Country Rock Band | Case #000”

  1. This is so cool!! I remember the band, and the bar. I used to go to Dizzy Duncans and I saw Badlands loads of times. I was from North Jersey and I was one of those country girl mountain mammas. What a great memory.

      1. I bounced & tended bar at Dizzy’s in the late 70’s & early 80’s. We actually didn’t have Badlands all that much, but bands like Southern Cross, Timberwolf, Maxx, Phantom’s Opera, Yasgur’s Farm, etc. (with Dee and the Boys lighting it up on occasion) made working there a blast. We’d pack hundreds and hundreds in every weekend, and we’d be packed from 11:30pm to 2am. Then… at 2:30/3am We’d either go south to Asbury (Hotel California or The Pony) or head east into Manhattan (54, Red Parrot, Area, Mud Club, Danceteria, Roxy Roller Disco, Greenhouse, Paladium, Limelight, etc., etc.). Either walking thru black painted glass doors onto 54th Street at 7am or shaking the sand off my Sassons in Bradley Beach… We ate breakfast & the Tick Tock Diner (or, All The Ways at The Hot Grille & “a dozen rats with cheese” at White Castle), caught 8-hours of daylight sleep, and then back at the Club to do it all over again. Tequila, Beautiful Women, and Rock & Roll… It was good being 18-22 back then! If you’ve ever been there, you’d know that Dizzy’s was the kind of place where monster brawls were the norm, so our staff had to be badass! Great team because bar tenders had to pay their dues as bouncers, first, so whenever reinforcements were needed, all 7 or 8 bartenders would jump over the bar and into the zoo! Yeah… I took a few cold cocks and beer bottles to the head, along with flying bar stools and tables over the years, but never more than a few stitches and broken ribs. Some drunken fools thought it was cool if they could say they fought the “bouncers at Dizzy Duncan’s.” Unlike most Clubs back then (The Final Exam, Mothers, Tradewinds, etc.), we weren’t hot heads looking to start fights. Instead, we were mostly college athletes looking to “meet” pretty girls. But, believe me, you never saw a brawl with a dozen luded & coked up ah’s in the middle of the dance floor get dragged across the room and thrown thru the doors into the parking lot faster… All business! Hey, flying bottles and bodies slamming scares away all the fish (those pretty girls from South Orange and Short Hills)!
        Guess that’s my ode to Dizzy Duncan’s… And, believe it or not, it’s 35-years later and I still have my shiny black staff jacket!

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