Mysterious Developments is an online archive of lost and undiscovered photos, often undeveloped and never seen before. Each set is broken into its own case and clues are tracked down with the aid of the public, to try and reunite these photos with the photographer, or subject and find images of historical value that would be otherwise lost.


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  1. Just saw a news item about you and what you are doing this evening on the news in Vancouver. This is just cool beyond words. I have been a photographer for 40 years and did mucho darkroom work up until about 10 years ago. I am extremely impressed with this exciting and commendable work you are doing. Good on ya man!

    1. Hi Gord! Thanks so much for the compliments, I really appreciate it. 40 years of experience!!! I’d love to pick your brain about the darkroom. I’m duplicating this as an email, I hope you don’t mind!

  2. Same as the person that commented before me, I’ve also saw you on the news! I’m taking a film photography class right now, so I only have roughly 3 months of experience with film cameras. So, seeing this story on the news with old-school film with got me all excited, haha. All this and what you do is amazing and inspiring! I hope everyone may find what they’re looking for. 🙂

    1. Marie, thanks for the comment! Film is awesome. It forces you to slow down, and decide what you’re really shooting. I learned on digital and it’s awesome and gets the job done, but film is what I use to “pursue” photography. Thanks again!

  3. Great work.

    My late father was a photographer but he had to give it up after he started experiencing Parkinsons symptoms. I’ve got all his cameras (some very interesting ones) and a few of them have film.

    I just saw you on the news 🙂 too.

  4. Hi I just saw this on CTV News and I’ll be using your website and story to talk to my grade 10 Communications Technology class tomorrow. I hope your story will encourage them to take more ownership of the photos they take in class, and the timelessness of a photograph! *added to favourites.* This is fascinating!

  5. Just this morning I watched the news item on CTV…absolutely fascinating! Each camera and roll of film must be like..”a box of chocolates”, you just never know what will turn up (or turn out to be lol). I enjoyed looking through the old photos…and we can all relate, on some level, to the presented snapshots. Keep up the great work–someone out there must be looking for their old family photos. Good luck, have fun…and keep those cameras rolling! 🙂

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