Bonne Fete Antoine 5 Ans | Case #033

There may have been more photos, there’s 22 in total here, but the first image is damaged as the result of the back of the camera being opened at some point. The rest will have been spared from already being in the roll.



On the poster, it says Louveteaux, which is cub in French. So this is likely the Cub Scouts in a predominantly French speaking part of Canada. That doesn’t 100% mean Quebec, but narrows it down.


Happy Birthday Antoine


Chicago White Sox shirt



The wall hanging upper right says The Court of King Arthur. Left of that a little mouse that says kiss me, hanging from a brass engraving of a sailboat.


Looks like Antoine gets his birthday right around Christmas.


Even though the tree is up, I get the feeling this is present opening for his birthday.



CD’s and Vinyl in this photo and previous shots. Both the white and yellow pages in the accessible spot. Amp with cassette player. This could be about the year 2000.


This lego set he has here is called Jack Stone, and thanks to a quick check on Brickopedia, it was a set that only saw the light of day between 2001 and 2003.


A portrait. I know hard to tell but there’s two people on the left.


His birthday gift all set up.





The game is called Freddy, but I’m not sure what that’s supposed to do……ooooh, catch flying fish. 🙂



Shrek also came out in 2001. Antoine’s brother looks very happy with his gift. Antoine, not so much 😉


Possible camera malfunction here.


Two for two, the older brother nails it with an Orange County Choppers set. VHS and DVD in the background. Definitely before 2005, but after 1999.


I laughed when I saw this, poor guy. He’s got X-Men jambes on and someone dropped a Winnie the Pooh Colouring Book in his lap. I smell a gift from Grandma.

4 thoughts on “Bonne Fete Antoine 5 Ans | Case #033”

  1. The portrait with the tree lit up with Christmas lights looks suspiciously like the Zoo Lights at the Calgary Zoo; I’m not sure when they began but I seem to think it may have been around the early 2000’s. Maybe an email or a tweet to the Zoo would help you narrow your 2001-2003 date?

  2. The car plate look a lot like a Quebec one and the front car dosen’t have one… Ontario use 2 car plates and Quebec only 1. The thickness of the yellow and whites pages indicates that this is in the Montreal area (or another Big city). On the last photo, there is a case (game?) called noël (Christmas) and a children book called “Le Harfang des neiges”…. And Louvetaux is the term use here for the younger scouts (10-13 years old)….

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