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Post Nuclear Family at The Holiday Inn | Case #064

These three rolls of 120 film were recovered from Freeport Illinois. A couple were labelled, and in original packaging, so we know that the rolls of film themselves expired in 1970.

Roll One: Verichrome Pan Exp. September 1970
Labeled: “Coldwell”









Roll Two: Verichrome Pan
Labeled: Meramec State Park









Roll Three: Verichrome Pan Exp. September 1970
Labeled: Will Rogers









The 1st Infantry Photographer | Case #54 Main

This is a huge collection of photos from a single photographer, and starting on August 24th, 2015 I will add photos over the next few months.

Published Canisters

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From Chichen Itza, back to Seattle | Case #022


The people or photographer have been identified and any updates will appear as a video link below.

Update Video

Camera and Film
I acquired this, with several other rolls of film, while visiting Seattle, Washington in August 2014. This is a 24 exposure roll Kodak Gold 200-6. The photographer managed to squeeze a total of 25 exposures, and out of those 24 retained images. This likely came from a point and shoot camera.

There is some colour warping. Could be the result of heat, but more likely age.

UPDATE: Film is aprox five years old. Colour shifting is due to heat or improper storage.

The first couple photos reveal El Castillo, so we can pretty much assume these are vacation photos.




Here’s a bunch of really cool masks.


Not sure if these images are supposed to be abstract or misfires?





This photo could be taken by a kid, since we’re at eye level with the boy. This could explain the abstractness of the previous photographer.


These next could photos look like they could be some type of indoor metal art piece. Sort of reminds me of the silent film metropolis.




This really could be anywhere because the next shots we have look like they’re back home. There’s the family dog, the kids room, including bunk bed, living room. mdev-150214-011



Kids fighting over oil pastels…very 20th century.




There’s a sheet of paper of the back of a door. The title reads “The Jammes House Rules” I can’t read what they are, but there’s 12 of them. I don’t recognize any of the toys, but there’s a plastic VHS cassette case.




This dog is being framed.



A calendar says June but I can’t make out the year anywhere.
UPDATE: Thanks to ExtraNoise from Reddit for pointing out this calendar’s June 30th, ends on a Wednesday in 2011 and that the poster above the girls head is this one, made after 2009


This looks like J.C. Chasez (Nsync) on the TV, but I couldn’t figure out what show he’s on.

Update: Thanks to several people for pointing out this is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” which only came out after 2009





Quite 90’s. Not a computer or cell phone in sight.





These last photos, were likely taken by one of the kids, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the whole roll. This last photo shows their backyard. Could be Seattle, where I found the film, the trees look right for Washington.

Not sure why the film was abandoned, as the roll was finished. A lot of times there’s a jam or the battery dies. This had images from head to toe.




Mystery Photo from 10 Downing Street | Case #020

The Film
I found these old Kodachrome slides almost four years ago in Calgary’s Northwest in an alleyway. I couldn’t really tell if someone had dumped them or if they fell from the back of a moving truck, but they were everywhere, potentially multiple rolls worth. This was before Mysterious Developments and probably contributed to its start.

The slides sat scattered in the alley, for months, all winter when I finally stopped and picked up a few (now I wished I picked up more) and took them home. I scanned them, and restored one for practice sake and basically forgot about them until now.

The Camera
Camera is unknown, other than it’d be a 35mm.

The Photos
The images were developed shortly after they were taken, and abandoned much later. Almost all the damage and colour change you see is physical, from being run over on a gravel road, snowed on, frozen, etc.

Special thanks to Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor for helping me realize this is 10 Downing Street, aka “Number 10”, aka British HQ.

I suspect one of these woman is the photographer and someone, possibly another tourist is taking the photo. It’s a little blurry and I cannot make out what the book says, that the woman on the right is holding.


Update December 30th, 2014: Thank You Babs for clarifying this is a Swiss Guards of the Vatican, and the building is St. Peter’s Basilica.




The 1960’s Wisconsin Family Road Trip | Case #013

The Film
rex film

Various rolls of 135, 127 and 620 black & white film, mostly drug store brand, and a few Kodak. 16 rolls in all. Expiry dates range between 1959 and 1964. Almost all of the rolls had been placed back into their original box after the images were exposed. They were purchased at an estate sale in the US.

The Camera(s)
No camera came with these rolls. I believe three cameras in all were used.

The Images
There were just over 100 images in all that I was able to scan, of those I included half. I can’t be sure how many different time periods are represented here, but I’ve tried to group them together below.

Wausau Wisconsin Parade
The Johnson Hills Department Store  gives away its location as Wausau, WI. Images of this parade come up on three rolls of film and I’m almost sure pictures were taken by more than one member of the family. Nothing came up for “Morning Glory Fortified Milk” but apparently it’s a product worth knowing. 😉 The streets are packed, so it’s likely a state or federal holiday. You can also faintly make out a marching band.

UPDATE: September 27th, 2014
Thanks to Richard O’Connor for this comment!
“Came across this newspaper ad for Morning Glory Dairy dated August 13, 1959 Escanaba, Michigan . This was sort of confirmed when I found a listing for Foremost Morning Glory Dairy in Wisconsin. ” Foremost Farms USA, Morning Glory Dairy, 3399 South Ridge Road, De Pere, WI 54115, Phone: (920) 336-4206 Fax: (920) 336-7165. De Pere is a suburb of Green Bay which is East of Wausu and South of Escaaba, Michigan. I assume that Formost bought the original Morning Glory Dairy.”

Wisconsin State Capitol
My best guess for when this was taken was after 1959, but before 1964. The reason why I say before 1964 is that was when they apparently sand blasted and acid bathed the Legislature. In these images, the structure appears pretty grimy. I’m not too sure what the other building is but it can’t be too far away.
Some of these images are taken by one or both daughters. You can see them holding their cameras in other photos, and in one see one girl shooting the other.
Pickney Street is visable, giving me almost pinpoint accuracy of where these shots were taken. It was neat to see what the area looks like now with Google Street View.

The Van Douser Tower
The sign is plain as day in one of the photos but I didn’t see it until a few hours ago. When I checked online, it looked as though the original sign is still up (though they added a food/drink prohibitive sign). it’s dated June 7, 1959.

Other Notable Family and Road Trip Snaps
There’s a family dinner or two and some portraits here I wasn’t sure how to group them together. All of the events took place over multiple rolls with multiple photographers.

Most of the images were taken in Wisconsin between 1960 and 1965. I’m fascinated the most by the parade and would love if I could narrow the date for that specifically.

Found Photos Backpackers in Ollantaytambo | Case #010

Found Photos Backpackers in Ollantaytambo (Case #010)

This is the only roll of film I have come across so far that was in a thrift shop and price tagged. Normally, they’re still in the camera. This particular roll was listed at $1

The Camera
No camera found with the roll of film. Not every photo was taken at the same focal length. It’s likely to be an SLR or P&S with a zoom.

The Film
I picked this up a few years ago, so the actual location of the film negatives is buried with my personal work. It’s either Kodak or Fujifilm, and not so relevant in this case. The roll was found in Alberta Canada.

The Images
A man and a woman, potentially a couple are backpacking in Ollantaytambo, a small town and Inca archeological site in southern Peru. I know this because the photographer was smart enough to take a picture of a map. 😉

The photos are methodical, and have good composition. You can clearly see both adventurers in separate shots.

Summary and Speculation
All 36 shots were taken and the roll was found here in Alberta, not Peru, so the camera didn’t fail and the images made it back, one can assume, with the two individuals. You can also assume that these are probably not all of the photos taken during their time there, and this may not even be their only stop.

Update: September 26th, 2014

Thanks to Marc for the following: “There are also pictures of Machu Picchu and the town below called Agua Caliente. The zigzag in the mountain is the bus road up to Machu Picchu. Some of the pictures show Inca ruins from Olalantambo. That town is the last train stop before arriving at Agua Caliente – now called Machu Picchu Pueblo (town).”