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2 Louisiana Patriots | Case #025

The Film
A single roll of Kodacolor-II Film, 120mm format on a 620mm spool. A film popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The camera is unknown but the focus in the photos is spot on the subject. Knowing that, it was likely not a box camera like a brownie, but a Kodak endorsed model, due to the 620 spool.

The Roll was purchased out of New Orleans, Louisiana

The Photos
Only two images turned out. It looks like in the next frame the shutter jammed, and then at a much later date the film was rolled up and removed safely enough to save these.


The first frame was so close to the to the beginning of the roll, where the film meets the paper backing with a piece of tape, that I cut part of the image when separating them in the darkroom. I remember thinking, “There’s going to be an image here, I just know it!”

Luckily nothing crucial was lost.


This seems like a quick portrait before they go off to a ceremony or parade. These guys look like war veteran’s, which war I couldn’t tell you, perhaps several. But, this does look like the 1980’s, based on the two tone car parked to the right. Kodacolor-II was made in this format after 1974, and the format was popular in the early 1980’s.

I wish I could see more of the flag, the man on the right is holding. I can make out “_____ln City” and what I guess to be “American world [something]” or “American [something] world”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.40.55 PM

You can see the focus is good, but not enough to really make out the insignia or lettering on their uniforms.


Mystery Photo from 10 Downing Street | Case #020

The Film
I found these old Kodachrome slides almost four years ago in Calgary’s Northwest in an alleyway. I couldn’t really tell if someone had dumped them or if they fell from the back of a moving truck, but they were everywhere, potentially multiple rolls worth. This was before Mysterious Developments and probably contributed to its start.

The slides sat scattered in the alley, for months, all winter when I finally stopped and picked up a few (now I wished I picked up more) and took them home. I scanned them, and restored one for practice sake and basically forgot about them until now.

The Camera
Camera is unknown, other than it’d be a 35mm.

The Photos
The images were developed shortly after they were taken, and abandoned much later. Almost all the damage and colour change you see is physical, from being run over on a gravel road, snowed on, frozen, etc.

Special thanks to Sherlock Holmes and The Doctor for helping me realize this is 10 Downing Street, aka “Number 10”, aka British HQ.

I suspect one of these woman is the photographer and someone, possibly another tourist is taking the photo. It’s a little blurry and I cannot make out what the book says, that the woman on the right is holding.


Update December 30th, 2014: Thank You Babs for clarifying this is a Swiss Guards of the Vatican, and the building is St. Peter’s Basilica.