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  1. Hi, my mother died ten years ago and when I cleaned out her house I found an undeveloped roll of Kodak film. I have no idea how long before that the pictures were taken….maybe I will after seeing what’s on it.
    I still have the roll and always wanted to know what was on it, but I didn’t know how to get it developed. Would you like to do that?
    I hope you can and I will certainly cover your costs.

    Cheers, Joanne

  2. has anyone contacted you recognising their photos yet? Where have you been finding most of the used fil? Garage sales, storage locher or anyother place?

  3. I just saw the story on you on CTV News. I bought three old Brownies a couple of years ago. One has a film in it. I’d be curious what’s on it. If you’d like, I could somehow get it to you. I come to Calgary fairly often.

  4. On the CTV News story, there was a B/W photo of a kid wearing a soldiers, peaked cap. The cap badge appears to be from the Royal Regiment of Canada in Toronto. Its association could probably help find a story behind that shot

  5. Hello – the photographs of the Bridges on one of your films were taken in Newcastle (all one word) upon Tyne in north-east England. The bridges shown are the High Level Bridge which has a railway running along the top and a road bridge below. The arched bridge is the Tyne Bridge – built by the same firm who built the bridge in Sydney Harbour Australia. The bridge closer to the water is the Swing Bridge, so named because it rotates to allow river traffic to pass. The building with the windows is the Black Gate in Newcastle upon Tyne – now a museum. I am sure that someone on the Newcastle facebook page would be able to date these pictures.

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