From Chichen Itza, back to Seattle | Case #022


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Camera and Film
I acquired this, with several other rolls of film, while visiting Seattle, Washington in August 2014. This is a 24 exposure roll Kodak Gold 200-6. The photographer managed to squeeze a total of 25 exposures, and out of those 24 retained images. This likely came from a point and shoot camera.

There is some colour warping. Could be the result of heat, but more likely age.

UPDATE: Film is aprox five years old. Colour shifting is due to heat or improper storage.

The first couple photos reveal El Castillo, so we can pretty much assume these are vacation photos.




Here’s a bunch of really cool masks.


Not sure if these images are supposed to be abstract or misfires?





This photo could be taken by a kid, since we’re at eye level with the boy. This could explain the abstractness of the previous photographer.


These next could photos look like they could be some type of indoor metal art piece. Sort of reminds me of the silent film metropolis.




This really could be anywhere because the next shots we have look like they’re back home. There’s the family dog, the kids room, including bunk bed, living room. mdev-150214-011



Kids fighting over oil pastels…very 20th century.




There’s a sheet of paper of the back of a door. The title reads “The Jammes House Rules” I can’t read what they are, but there’s 12 of them. I don’t recognize any of the toys, but there’s a plastic VHS cassette case.




This dog is being framed.



A calendar says June but I can’t make out the year anywhere.
UPDATE: Thanks to ExtraNoise from Reddit for pointing out this calendar’s June 30th, ends on a Wednesday in 2011 and that the poster above the girls head is this one, made after 2009


This looks like J.C. Chasez (Nsync) on the TV, but I couldn’t figure out what show he’s on.

Update: Thanks to several people for pointing out this is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” which only came out after 2009





Quite 90’s. Not a computer or cell phone in sight.





These last photos, were likely taken by one of the kids, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the whole roll. This last photo shows their backyard. Could be Seattle, where I found the film, the trees look right for Washington.

Not sure why the film was abandoned, as the roll was finished. A lot of times there’s a jam or the battery dies. This had images from head to toe.




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  1. The TV show where you mention N’SYNC is
    The Real Housewives of New Jersey” which means the pictures can’t be any older than 2009. If that particular episode can be tracked down (I tried, but I only saw mention of Nick Jonas on their IMDB page), then you have a better time frame. It could be a family that was visiting there from NJ too, as the trees, etc, looked similar to what’s here in some areas as well.

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