Photo Restoration


This 40 year old Kodachrome slide was subjected to an entire Canadian winter on a gravel road before being rescued.

We can restore a damaged negative or print with modern technology while maintaining the vintage look that makes these old photos beautiful.

Some photos you should consider restoring….

– A grandparents wedding photo for their golden anniversary.
– A veterans photo
– Colour correcting a faded photo that’s been hanging on a wall for years.
– A memorial photo
– Photos damaged in a flood or fire. Please note: If your photos have been damaged in a natural disaster, we like to give you a substantial discount.

All Photo Restoration Includes:

– A digital file of your colour corrected images with dust, scratches and other imperfections removed as needed.
– Any size print, up to 13×19 inches. Larger sizes carry an additional cost, but are available.
– Your negatives back, sleeved in archival plastic.


Price varies based on format, damage and fading, and how many. Please contact us for an estimate providing as much detail as possible.


Those in Calgary can arrange a pickup or drop off by calling (403) 671-3540

Outside city limits please email or arrange shipping.



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