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Lost Memories of Disneyland | Case #008

Case #008: Lost memories of Disneyland

The Film
Kodak Gold 400, quite possibly the most common colour 35mm film, ever. These negatives look quite faded.

The Images
I’ve always found date stamping on photos to be distracting and annoying. In this case however, it reveals quite a bit. Two major things actually. First, that it’s very likely the images were shot January 24, 2006, just over eight years to the day of this blog. Second, that failure of the camera started with the resetting of the date to January 1st, 1998.
Looks like a married couple and their daughter. Not too many clues in this six images, except that it’s likely they’re from Canada

Update: September 26th, 2014
Thanks to Andrea for correcting that it’s Disneyland not Disneyworld 🙂