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Bonne Fete Antoine 5 Ans | Case #033

There may have been more photos, there’s 22 in total here, but the first image is damaged as the result of the back of the camera being opened at some point. The rest will have been spared from already being in the roll.



On the poster, it says Louveteaux, which is cub in French. So this is likely the Cub Scouts in a predominantly French speaking part of Canada. That doesn’t 100% mean Quebec, but narrows it down.


Happy Birthday Antoine


Chicago White Sox shirt



The wall hanging upper right says The Court of King Arthur. Left of that a little mouse that says kiss me, hanging from a brass engraving of a sailboat.


Looks like Antoine gets his birthday right around Christmas.


Even though the tree is up, I get the feeling this is present opening for his birthday.



CD’s and Vinyl in this photo and previous shots. Both the white and yellow pages in the accessible spot. Amp with cassette player. This could be about the year 2000.


This lego set he has here is called Jack Stone, and thanks to a quick check on Brickopedia, it was a set that only saw the light of day between 2001 and 2003.


A portrait. I know hard to tell but there’s two people on the left.


His birthday gift all set up.





The game is called Freddy, but I’m not sure what that’s supposed to do……ooooh, catch flying fish. 🙂



Shrek also came out in 2001. Antoine’s brother looks very happy with his gift. Antoine, not so much 😉


Possible camera malfunction here.


Two for two, the older brother nails it with an Orange County Choppers set. VHS and DVD in the background. Definitely before 2005, but after 1999.


I laughed when I saw this, poor guy. He’s got X-Men jambes on and someone dropped a Winnie the Pooh Colouring Book in his lap. I smell a gift from Grandma.

2 Louisiana Patriots | Case #025

The Film
A single roll of Kodacolor-II Film, 120mm format on a 620mm spool. A film popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The camera is unknown but the focus in the photos is spot on the subject. Knowing that, it was likely not a box camera like a brownie, but a Kodak endorsed model, due to the 620 spool.

The Roll was purchased out of New Orleans, Louisiana

The Photos
Only two images turned out. It looks like in the next frame the shutter jammed, and then at a much later date the film was rolled up and removed safely enough to save these.


The first frame was so close to the to the beginning of the roll, where the film meets the paper backing with a piece of tape, that I cut part of the image when separating them in the darkroom. I remember thinking, “There’s going to be an image here, I just know it!”

Luckily nothing crucial was lost.


This seems like a quick portrait before they go off to a ceremony or parade. These guys look like war veteran’s, which war I couldn’t tell you, perhaps several. But, this does look like the 1980’s, based on the two tone car parked to the right. Kodacolor-II was made in this format after 1974, and the format was popular in the early 1980’s.

I wish I could see more of the flag, the man on the right is holding. I can make out “_____ln City” and what I guess to be “American world [something]” or “American [something] world”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.40.55 PM

You can see the focus is good, but not enough to really make out the insignia or lettering on their uniforms.


The Unknown Arizona Outdoorsman & His Bride | Case #004


The people or photographer have been identified and any updates will appear as a video link below.

Update Episode

Part Two

Part One

The Film
Various rolls of Kodak Gold, Fujicolor and other No Name Thrift Store types. Undeveloped in the canister and fond in an abandoned storage locker.

The Camera


The Photos

Over 500 images were developed. many seemed to be snaps while in the passenger side of the car while on the road, documenting landmarks as they approached. Below is a selection of those images.

UPDATE: September 26th, 2014

These photos were taken in Yosemite, mostly likely from Glacier Point. Thanks to Dan Pietsch for submitted this info.






Camping Trip & Birthday Sponsored by Kraft Dinner (kinda) | Case #005

The Film

The film was exposed and also had some issues during the exposures. perhaps the battery was dying? You can see the back of the camera must have been opened at some point, the last few images are in varying degrees of pre-develop exposure.

The Camera

Samsung AF Zoom 1050 is a bit of a mystery to me. Not a lot of information online.

The Images


Looks like a storm, probably hail. It’s one of my favourites, for some reason. It’s simple, but has a nice composition, and good exposure


A clever happy birthday sign using boxes of Kraft dinner. The healthy choose at that so the photos are probably less than 10 years old. You can almost make the address out 425 [something] Close NW.


Two people exhausted on a boat. They could be a couple but they are wearing the same watch.


Took me a minute why this image was taken, but it looks to be a tiny frog under their cupped hand, so cute!


Update October 14, 2014 Thanks to Michael Brown for this comment: Truck in the picture looks like a GMC Sierra or Chevrolet Silverado. That body style (taillight) was introduced in 2003. Nice dent above the rear wheel would indicate the truck is a little older, maybe picture taken in 2004 or 2005?

A man in the back of a pickup truck with a (presumably full) kid sized pool.

A Gothic Party | Case #001

Found in a point & shoot camera in Edmonton.

The first obvious clue is that some of the photos were taken during a birthday party, and it’s date stamped january 18, 2007

The birthday girl is an Apocalypse fan.

As with most point and shoot cameras, the battery dies, and then the images are forgotten.

If you know these people, or can provide anymore details, I’d love to give them their film back 🙂