4 thoughts on “The 1st Infantry Photographer | Case #54 Canister #05”

  1. CHARLEROI BRAsomething…. at least, it seam to be in Belgium in 1945, perhaps 1944 but fighting in Belgium goes up to december 1944 so I don’t think people there has the time or the material to put a banner to celebrate something… and it look like spring.

  2. From wikipedia: The German civil administrator, Joseph Grohé, ordered a general retreat from the country on 28 August, and on 1 September the first Allied units (amongst them the Free Belgian SAS) crossed the Belgian frontier. By 4 September, Brussels was in Allied hands. The Belgian government in exile returned to the country on 8 September and began rebuilding the Belgian state and army.
    So 1944 possible after all!

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